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Foto Finish - Animals

This cheeky little fellow is one of our flightless birds - a Weka.  Love the little yellow plastic duck next to his water dish.  This photo was taken on a WIA trip to Kapiti Island.  We went out at night on this small island to look for our other flightless bird - the kiwi.  Unfortunately I had caught a stomach bug from one of my grandchildren and became violently ill that night so I dont have fond memories of that trip.  I also missed the tramp that the others did the following day as I was still really unwell.  It was a mixed blessing being sick that day as it absolutely poured with rain and the others got soaked to the skin. 
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Kate said…
I like the rubber ducky too.
Barbara said…
Oh how funny. Everybody needs a companion I guess, even if the companion is only plastic.

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