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Two More Wonky Houses

Yay I made the swap - someone pulled out and I was lucky enough to be first on the waiting list. Unfortunately I am not in your group Miki but thanks for the offer to swap.

Foto Finish - No Theme

Last weekend our city was visited by the cruise ship Volendam. This is the ship that we spent 7 days on in 2009 travelling around the inside passage in Alaska. I think this is the first cruise ship to visit our city so you can imagine the excitement it caused. While we were down at the port to see the ship we came across this cockatoo with his owner. The bird is very tame and just sitting on his owners arm. I was so busy photographing the bird it took me a while to realise that I knew the owner - his partner works at the same firm as my husband.

It is a quiet New Years Eve for us - we have our two oldest granddaughters staying over and they have just gone to bed.

Wishing you all the best for the New Year.

Wonky Houses

Our run of golden weather has ended for the moment - it is meant to rain now for about a week. I am still off work following knee surgery just over 8 weeks ago so have a bit of time on my hands. I have spent today making wonky house blocks. I was hoping to join a swap at but was a bit late for the fourth group. I am on the waiting list in case Jane decides to start a fifth group. I have decided to make the houses anyway as they are fun. Miki Willa has kindly offered to swap some blocks with me if I want.

Macro Monday

I had one self seeded opium poppy plant come up this year. I am not sure where it came from but I was happy to have this beautiful plant in my garden.

Foto Finish -Colourful

This colourful street photo was taken last year in Vietnam.

It is Christmas morning here in New Zealand so no more time on computer -off to finish getting our lunch ready.

Wishing you all the best for the festive season from sunny New Zealand.

Foto Finish - Cold

We do not experience snow where we live so I have had to go to a photo taken in 2009 on our Canada/Alaska holiday. This image was taken at the beautiful Lake Louise. We arrived there as the last of the ice was melting on the lake. I think it was all gone within a few days.

On August 15th this year our region did experience a snow fall and I was surprised to look out my window and see large fluffy snow flakes falling. It was all over in a few minutes and was not enough to settle on the ground. However my daughter and mother did get around 3 inches of snow at their houses which are much closer to our beloved Mount Taranaki. I remember the date as it was my granddaughters first day at school -the day after her 5th birthday.

They are predicting a long hot summer for us and if the last two days are anything to go by they could be right. My husband has started getting the pool ready. He first had to catch a frog that had taken up residence in the pool over the winter. The same thin…