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Birthday Collage

This is the image I meant to post in the previous post. I forgot that the others were still selected in picasa.

Birthday Girl

My youngest granddaughter is one tomorrow. These photos were taken on Christmas Day. Her parents are having a barbecue lunch for her birthday tomorrow. The weather forecast is for heavy rain and strong winds. Looks like we will be in he garage for the barbecue.
Christmas morning with our three gorgeous granddaughters.

Christmas Fare

This is one of my favourite Christmas salads - asparagus, avocado, strawberries and sprouts. Doesn't it look so festive. It still needs its dressing which is made with avocado oil, garlic and lemon juice. It is also meant to have basil in it but I forgot to buy some. Not to worry it will still be delicious.

Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas to all. For once I have everything completed and only have the food for tomorrow to contend with. We keep things very simple and will be enjoying a shared lunch with family at my sisters place. One of our sons lives close to my sister so our immediate family will gather there at around 1100 to exchange gifts and watch the three granddaughters open their presents from Nana and Poppa. For our larger family gathering we each had to buy a gift that will be put in a pool. After drawing numbers to determine the order of selecting gifts from the pool we will procede with this selection of gifts. All who participate end up with a gift without the expense of buying for everyone.

I am at work at present but it is not very busy. Not many people wanting to come for x-rays on Christmas Eve - they all have much more important places to be today.


Another photo from Vietnam. The colour red seems to feature quite regularly in Vietnam. This photo was taken in Hanoi, Vietnam and I think it was in the Presidential Palace.

One of Our Native Beauties

For my entry into photo finish on Cat Patches blog site I could not go past these images of our native tree fern called ponga and also known as the silver tree fern. These images were taken at Lake Mangamahoe which is just on the outskirts of our city.