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In Flight

While my husband was filleting the fish we caught last Wednesday I spent time photographing the seagulls hanging around the back of our boat waiting for tidbits. Soon after taking this shot I dropped the camera and thought I had broken it. However it appears to be working again now. We had a great day catching enough fish for two meals for us and one for our daughters family. Dennis is out again today with a mate. We are having the most glorious start to summer after an exceptionally wet end to winter and start of spring however it now appears that we are heading into a drought this summer. Our pool is nearly ready for swimming and I think it will be in great demand this summer. Some years we are not in it till after Christmas so it will be a bonus to use it more this summer.

Lunch on the Mekong Delta

This photo was taken on our trip to Vietnam in July. On this day we travelled from Ho Chi Mihn City to the Mekong delta. This was the glorious lunch provided at one of our stops on the river.

Giant Weta

This photo was taken earlier this year on a Women In Action trip to see the giant wetas at Mahoenui. Several of our members got the opportunity to let a weta crawl on their hands and face. I didn' get a chance to experience this as it was decided that the wetas were getting too stressed. They are in a special reserve of gorse and are quite difficult to find. In return for the conservation people coming o show around this reserve we spent an hour or more helping them clear tracks and cut back some of the ovegrowth.

WIA Damdropping

Today 6 of our Women in Action Taranaki went damdropping in south Taranaki. We had an awesome time dropping over the 8 meter dam. We mostly went on our fronts but three of us went over on our backs as well.

My three beautiful granddaughters

We have all three granddaughters staying tonight.

Garden Collage

Some of the flowers in my garden early November 2010

Summer colour in my garden

Leaves For Cat Patches

This photo is cropped from one taken in Vietnam about 3 months ago.