Foto Finish - Flowers

This weeks topic of flowers is right up my alley.  I have many beautiful images of flowers stored in my Picasa files.  A few days ago Picasa upgraded and added a lot of new features including adding the drop shadow which I have put around this photo.  Initially I thought they had taken away the ability to blog straight from Picasa but I am happy that I have worked it out.  It is so easy to blog straight from Picasa.  I am looking forward to seeing the other images this week.
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Dana Gaffney said…
That is beautiful! What kind of flower is that? I was playing with the new picassa toys yesterday, they're fun.
Barbara said…
Lovely, Maree. I love its fuzzy center. I haven't used Picasa in a long time. I should give it another try.
Kate said…
Wow! Beautiful photograph. Also, love your new header, it's gorgeous!
lovely pic ;-) gorgeous pink ;-)
Jake said…
This is gorgeous. I haven't used Picasa as I usually use Photoshop, will have to check Picasa out.

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