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Foto Finish - Flowers

This weeks topic of flowers is right up my alley.  I have many beautiful images of flowers stored in my Picasa files.  A few days ago Picasa upgraded and added a lot of new features including adding the drop shadow which I have put around this photo.  Initially I thought they had taken away the ability to blog straight from Picasa but I am happy that I have worked it out.  It is so easy to blog straight from Picasa.  I am looking forward to seeing the other images this week.

Photo Finish - green

Green Ghecko

This photo was taken a couple of years ago on a Women In Action trip to Wellington.  On the Sunday we visited Zealandia - a wonderful wild life reserve right in the heart of our capital city.   I am not sure how I managed to achieve this effect in the photo - it wasn't intentional.

Foto Finish - Things You Dont See Everyday

Recycling Vietnamese style.  
What I find interesting about this photo apart from the obvious overloaded bike is the contrast between the modern and old  means of transport.

Mokau Reflections

Three images taken last weekend when we visited our whitebait stands in Mokau.

Wonky House Swap

A few days ago I received 11 fabulous wonky house blocks from a swap organised by Jane from

There were 4 groups of 12 participants and we each made 12 wonky house blocks.  We sent 11 of these to Jane to redistribute among our own group.  I am absolutely delighted with all the blocks I received.  The block I kept for myself is the one in the top left  with the sun in the corner.  Jane has done an excellent job of organising this swap.  Some of us are now making wonky trees for another swap in this group.  I photographed my house blocks with the trees I have made so far.  We will be making wonky stars next.

Foto Finish - Words

I came across these 4 plaques while out on a walk with some of our Women In Action group.  This walk was part of a fantastic weekend away.  I have been severely restricted with what I can do with this group over the last 6 months because of the injury and subsequent operation on my knee.  I hope to be back in action in about 6 weeks.

Scrap Attack Strings QAL

Sew Lux Fabrics and Gifts ( is hosting a Scrap Attack Strings QAL. This is the second month of posting progress. I only started today and have managed to make 9 blocks so far - a little behind some of the others. Hopefully I will have many more made by next month.

Foto Finish -Growing

Rice growing in Bali. The paddy fields were so picturesque and there were often dilapidated buildings in the middle of the fields.