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Foto Finish - Leap

I think I must have very "leapy" grandaughters as I have plenty of photos of these two leaping into the pool, the sea and a river. These are the most recent photos taken this summer. They were having a ball. We haven't had the best summer this year but the girls have had a lot of fun in our pool. Their swimming has come on "leaps and bounds" but they have to be watched like hawks as they are both overconfident in the water.

Foto Finish - The way I see it

We recently attended the wedding of some friends - both around 70 years old. The day after the wedding we went on a cruise with some of their friends. These flags were on the back of the launch. I thought they were gorgeous.

Foto Finish - Doors

This photo was taken in Vietnam a couple of years ago. I think it was just a random shot taken while walking along the street so unfortunately I cannot remember if it was a doorway to a private residence or some other type of establishment.

Foto Finish

Not through a window but reflections of windows in a bubble. Last weekend we attended the wedding of friends. It was held Friday evening. On Saturday around 25 of their friends were treated to a cruise around Auckland harbour on a luxury launch which belongs to the grooms employer. A young girl on the trip was blowing bubbles and I took photos of them. This one reflects the windows on the top of the launch.

A Finish At Last

This quilt is made with some kiwiana fabric and other pieces that remind me of our country - lovely greens and blues with some red thrown in to brighten it up. The coloured squares are made fabric a la '15 mins play'.