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Favourite Places For Foto Finish

This weeks topic for Foto Finish is 'Favourite Places'.

One of my favourite places is our local harbour.

15 min play BOM and Block Lotto

I haven't had much time for sewing this month what with a holiday and the birth of our first grandson.

I am getting so far behind in the 15 mins play BOM. I have lots of made fabric so just need to construct the blocks now.

This is my progress so far. The checkerboard block is one of my own - not sure whether to include it in this quilt - will see when I get a few more blocks made.

I have also finished my Block Lotto blocks for this month. They are African Violets. I think they are gorgeous and would love to win this month although I haven't done anything with the clover blocks I won a few months ago.

At present my spare time is taken up with knitting peggy squares to make a blanket for my grandson.

Mellow Yellow From Bali

Another image from Bali - taken at an orchid house in The Botanical Gardens.

This is my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday -

Window Cleaning In The City

This weeks topic on Foto Finish is 'Things In The City'. This photo was taken in May when we were on holiday on the Gold Coast in Australia. I like the reflection of the trees in the windows.

I have been looking after my 20 month old granddaughter for the last 3 days. I had forgotten how tiring it is to look after children full time. Luckily she is really easy going and fun to have around. We have been visiting her mum and baby brother twice each day. My daughter-in-law had a C-section so has to stay in hospital for a few days. Olivia is going home with her dad tomorrow and hopefully mum will be home the next day.

New Arrival

Yesterday we welcomed our first grandson Blake to the family. His big sister Olivia has been staying with us since Wednesday evening. She had her first cuddle with her baby brother this afternoon.

Snow in the Naki

My granddaughter will always remember her first day at school - the day it snowed at her house and school. Her older sister featured on national news throwing snow at her school. She is the one in the foreground at Egmont Village school throwing snow at her best friends.

It even snowed briefly at our place - we are almost on the coast. It was beautiful - great big flakes and about a two minute flurry. I doubt it has ever snowed at our place before. The snow did not settle on the ground.

It was all anyone could talk about today.

Things That Are Slow For Foto Finish

This weeks topic for Foto Finish is 'Things that are slow'. This photo is another that was taken on our recent trip to Bali.

Bali Fishing Village

More images from the fishing village that we had dinner at one evening.

Stick Insects

These interesting stick insects were in an enclosure at the butterfly park we visited in Bali. Before having these insects put on our clothing we had butterflies put all over our clothing and faces in another enclosure.

More Bali Images

Huts for people and cows in the rice paddy fields.

Travel Images For Foto Finish

These photos were taken about a week ago in beautiful Bali. We were out at a fishing village for dinner which was had sitting at a table on the beach watching a fishing boat come in with its catch of the day. The fish meal was beautiful. We were also entertained by a local band which sang several songs right at our table.

I have posted other photos of Bali in previous posts and there are more to come.

Bali Birds

Cheeky Squirrel

This cheeky little fellow had stolen a packet of biscuits and was probably heading off to somewhere safe to open and consume his haul.

Night Safari

Feeding the zebras and lions on a night safari at the Safari Wild Life Park in Bali. I was the only one in the vehicle who managed to get a lion to eat from the stick. They weren't very hungry that night. I was lucky to snap the great photo as the lion was about to take the piece of meat. I have had a lot of problems accessing these photos from the memory card. The problem must be with the card as my computer has plenty of memory left.

Beautiful Butterflies In Beautiful Bali

We have been home from our wonderful holiday in Bali for just over 24 hours. I am having problems uploading my photos - I think my computer is fairly full - will have to delete some files and need to put some of my older photos on to CD's.

We holidayed with my sister from Western Australia. This was her 4th visit to Bali but the first time for us in this beautiful country. These photos were taken at a butterfly park.