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I came across these 4 plaques while out on a walk with some of our Women In Action group.  This walk was part of a fantastic weekend away.  I have been severely restricted with what I can do with this group over the last 6 months because of the injury and subsequent operation on my knee.  I hope to be back in action in about 6 weeks.
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Pat said…
I absolutely love these! I'm going to add the verses to my journal. Thanks for sharing.
Barbara said…
This is wonderful. I love it. Thank you so much for posting it. I can imagine this on a piece of embroidery.
Andrea said…
Oh....I loved this! Like I need another real excuse not to dust!
( I hate to dust!!)
See....I've been trying to tell ya'! I had to copy this one down too! On the tails of Spring break, with the grand coming over to play next week, this reminds me that it's ok to just go and play, cus she isn't coming over to check out my clean house!!! Thanks for sharing ladies. Now put down that feather duster and put on your Boa...
Aloha, Andrea
quiltzyx said…
What wonderful signs to read along along your walk!
I'm going to write them down too.

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