Foto Finish- Looking Up


For this weeks topic 'Looking Up' I decided to look back through some of my older images although I think this was taken about a year ago so not so old really. I like taking images looking up into tree foliage.
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However I couldn't resist including another image from Bali. I think this one was taken pool side at the first hotel we stayed at in Legion.


Kate said…
I like the black and white look of the first shot. For some reason that middle tree reminds me of a spider web. Very cool looking.
Barbara said…
I like these kinds of shots too, Maree. The first one looks like a giant fern. Love the clouds in the second one. Thanks for sharing.
That first picture is really great. I love the dimension of it as a black and white photo. It reminds me of decoupage or even a stamp on a batik fabric.
Colleen said…
I love the textures of the tree in the first pic. Up tree pics are some of my favs to take too.

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