Whitebaiting At Mokau





I chose the right couple of days to go and join my husband at our holiday home where he has spent the last few weeks fishing for this delicacy - whitebait. They are very small fish but taste delicious cooked in egg as an omelette.
The season has been very slow but over the last couple of days we have caught around 2.5 kilograms between us. There is approximately 1 kilo of whitebait in the stainless steel basin which I caught in one lift of my net. The little fellow on his own was trying to climb the side of the bucket.

Needless to say it was whitebait for dinner tonight. My daughter and her two girls joined us for dinner - the children love whitebait.

I look across the river from my stand at native bush. It is very restful and as we dont lift the nets very often I take magazines and books to read. Not too stressful a way to spend a few hours on a lovely day.
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