Queensland Birdlife





These are some of the birds we saw on our recent stay in Queensland.
The long billed bird is an Ibis and they are everywhere along the seafront.

The colourful little birds who visited us on our balcony one morning are Rainbow Lorikeets.

We have just returned from a week on the Gold Coast in Australia. We were there for a reunion with some of the people we travelled around Canada and Alaska with two years ago. We travelled with an Australian company and were the only two Kiwis among 44 Australians. Needless to say we very quickly became honorary Aussies for a few weeks. Twenty three of us met up on the Gold Coast for the reunion last weekend.
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quiltzyx said…
I love the photos of the birds Maree! It reminds me of how many different ones I saw when I was in Queensland. My sister even had some that visited her house every day & demanded treats!!
Miki Willa said…
These birds are wonderful. It is hard to believe they are in the wild. Here in Washington state, we don't see such colorful birds in the wild.

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