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I have so many photos of the grandchildren at play that could have been used for this weeks Foto Finish "Fun and Games" it was hard to choose which images to use. These two photos were taken just over a year ago when the girls were staying with us for a couple of days at our holiday home. They were having great fun jumping the waves with their poppa.
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Great photos; what a sense of joy and fun pervades this image. I remember jumping waves at the Shore in NJ in the Sixties.
Kate said…
Looks like fun! The surf is beautiful. We used to life in the Gulf Coast area, just 15 miles from the beach. It wasn't that pretty, but Kiddo really misses getting to play in the waves.
Great shots! Almost feels like being there.
Barbara said…
Those are great shots. I love how their feet are off the ground. Looks like everyone is having fun! Thanks for posting to Foto Finish!
armyfamilyok said…
I like the light in these photos. They're great captures!! Looks like they're having so much fun and they'll cherish those times.
I love looking at your beautiful photos. It's a peek of life so far from my home in California.
quiltzyx said…
Definitely fun images! Love them up in the air!!

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