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This weeks topic for Foto Finish is gardens. These photos were taken about 18 months ago at the beginning of summer 2009.

My husband had recently made the raised vegetable gardens. The straggly hedge in the foreground was replaced with a fence last year to support tomatoes. One of my flower gardens is in the background in front of the swimming pool wall.

The beautiful girls are my oldest two granddaughters Tyla and Ella. The oldest one turns seven next weekend and the younger of the two will be five in August.
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Kate said…
Very cute girls. Looks very lush.
Great photos. Your granddaughters are so cute. Love your raised beds. That's something I always wanted to try.
Barbara said…
Did you grow those little girls in your garden? Your raised beds look great. I'd love to have raised beds.
Colleen said…
Love the colors and texture of your garden! and of course the adorable girls.
armyfamilyok said…
Adorable little girls and an amazing garden!! That's quite a bit of work you have there, but I can tell that you give it lots of love and care. Great shots!!
quiltzyx said…
That is a wonderful garden, especially the "girly flowers"!

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