Foto Finish - Yellow


We have just returned from a week in Vanuatu.  I quickly downloaded my photos and was expecting to find an image of at least on yellow flower but was surprised to find the yellow in these images.  I dont remember the web being yellow - I think I was only looking at the spider.  There are no poisonous spiders on Vanuatu so this fellow is not as scary as he looks. 
The weather was only so-so - the sun only shone briefly on our first and last days.  We had one really wet day but the worst part was that we were both sick on the holiday - we took the winter lurgy bugs with us.  They seem to have been particularly bad this winter.  I had been sick for a week before going on holiday and took the first half of the week to get over it and then my husband got worse and is still not well.  However it was still good to have a break away and to see another country we hadn't been to before.
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Kate said…
He looks pretty scary and very, very big!

Hope you and your guy get to feeling much better soon.
Dana Gaffney said…
Cool pictures, I like the drops, they look like part of the webbing and sticky. I'm not big on spiders, but I do like taking their pictures.
Jackie/Jake said…
Yucky spiders but you got an incredible set of photos of him!!
Barbara said…
Oooh, poisonous or not, he still looks pretty scary to me! Sorry you were sick. What a bummer.

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