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Foto Finish - Cold

We do not experience snow where we live so I have had to go to a photo taken in 2009 on our Canada/Alaska holiday. This image was taken at the beautiful Lake Louise. We arrived there as the last of the ice was melting on the lake. I think it was all gone within a few days.

On August 15th this year our region did experience a snow fall and I was surprised to look out my window and see large fluffy snow flakes falling. It was all over in a few minutes and was not enough to settle on the ground. However my daughter and mother did get around 3 inches of snow at their houses which are much closer to our beloved Mount Taranaki. I remember the date as it was my granddaughters first day at school -the day after her 5th birthday.

They are predicting a long hot summer for us and if the last two days are anything to go by they could be right. My husband has started getting the pool ready. He first had to catch a frog that had taken up residence in the pool over the winter. The same thing happened two years ago. The frog has been released in a nearby stream.


Barbara said…
Oh what a gorgeous image, Maree. I've been up to Lake Louise, but it was in the summer time. A beautiful place. I just love Canada anyway. Haven't yet been as far north as Alaska, but it's on my bucket list.
Lovely photo--I've been to Lake Louise, but in the summer. Enjoyed your 12x12 Christmas tree--cool! Have a happy holiday the swimming pool!
best, nadia

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