New 12 x 12 group

I have recently helped set up a new 12 x 12 art quilt group in our area.  I have been playing in the background of another local group  for about a year - I made small quilts for there first six topics but was not part of their reveal.  Now that we have our own group up and running I have stopped making quilts for their themes. 

I held the first meeting at my house and chose the first theme - spring.  I chose this theme for several reasons:
                -the word has several meanings
                -it will be spring when we have our first reveal later in September
                -I thought it was a relatively easy topic for those who have not done this sort of work    

I have made the following quilt and will call it "Spring Garden Festival"  - we have a fabulous annual garden festival in our region every spring.

I will also be revealing a second art piece that I made for another textile group I belong to.  I will call this "Spring Homecoming Ball".  Although there is very little fabric on this one it is made with a front, batting and backing.  I found the idea in a recent Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine.
I am really enjoying making these art quilts.  I will blog about some of the others soon.


Mariella said…
Very nice pieces of art! The flowers are so happy and bright the colours are just wonderful and are joyful to look at. The Button Dress is very unique and what a great idea! The buttons are a wonderful texture against the paper. Love them both!
Linda said…
Beautiful and creative.

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