12 x 12 Play

 Our local regional quilt group TPQ has recently started a small group who are creating 12 x 12 mini quilts to a set theme each two months.  I missed out on getting into this group but am waiting to work with the co-ordinator of the first group to establish a second group of 12 quilters.  In the meantime I am working along in the background using their themes as practice. 

The first theme was energy and I have decided to try something different each time if possible.  The above 12 x 12 was made by using a piece of my made fabric and then threads painting a lightening bolt onto it.  This is my first attempt at thread painting.

The second theme is labels.   I was given a packet of photo printing paper a while ago.  I have previously printed images onto fabric for other people using fabric backed with freezer paper but this is the first time I have used printed images myself.  I took a photo from our trip to Vietnam which I have always liked.  I also downloaded some label images and printed them onto fabric.  I have placed the images onto a piece of linen I found in the cupboard.  The result is rather stiff but I will continue with it as these pieces are just practice for me.  I intend facing this block rather than binding.  I don't think there will be too much quilting as I don't want to quilt over the images.


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