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This weeks optional topic for Foto Finish is Hot.  These photos of hot bubbling mud and thermal activity were taken on White Island a couple of years ago.  Over the last week this is one of two volcanoes that have erupted in New Zealand.  The eruptions were not major but are a great reminder of how volatile our mountains and thermal regions are.  People are still allowed on White Island but are being warned to take care.  The other eruption was on Mount Tongariro which had not erupted for 100 years.  They are continuing to keep a watch on this mountain.  We live at the foot of another dormant volcano - Mount Taranaki and they say it is not a matter of if it will erupt again but when this will occur. 
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quiltzyx said…
Great shots Maree! Hopefully Mount Taranaki will remain quiet for a very long time to come. :D
Barbara said…
Oh wow, now that does look hot. Reminds me of our Yellowstone National Park.
Kate said…
Beautiful shots!
Hi, Maree. Very interesting pictures and aren't you living on the edge?! A volcano, no less? wow!
best, nadia

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