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For this weeks subject I have had to borrow a photo from my son and daughter-in-laws photos which are stored on my computer. So technically not one of my own photos but gorgeous anyway. This is my beautiful granddaughter Olivia and one of their pet cats.

We haven't had a cat for a few years now and after searching my photos I cant even find a photo I have taken of any of my grandchildren with one of their cats.
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Just adorable, of course! I think the cat is bigger than your granddaughter...
Your Hoochy Mama flowers are awfully fun--good pattern. And that tulip with the bluish tips is an incredible mix of colors.
best, nadia
Barbara said…
Awwwwwww. She's beautiful...your g-daughter, that is. What a sweet kitty to sit still for that picture!
Kate said…
Looks like the kitty has found the right lap. Both look to quite happy with each other
quiltzyx said…
Beautiful granddaughter & kitty! I'm with Kate, the cat has surely found the perfect place to curl up :D

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