Old For Foto Finish


I think I am destined to be either first or last to post on Foto Finish at Cat Patches. If I am at home on Saturday evening Barbara's post for Foto Finish appears around 2030 or 2130 depending on whether we have daylight saving or not. Normally I am sitting in my lounge at that time periodically checking on blog entries. However once again I have been away to our holiday home for the weekend. We are in the middle of the whitebait season so spend quite alot of time sitting on the river side waiting to lift our nets and see what we have caught. I spend this time catching up on reading but also have my camera with me and end up snapping all sorts of images - the beauty of digital photography - they can always be deleted.

This photo was taken yesterday in our riverside shelter. I think these cobwebs qualify for old - I think they have been there for a long time.
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Barbara said…
Very interesting shot, Maree. I have a few around like that too.
quiltzyx said…
oOOOoooohhhh! Very Halloweenish too! I like the texture & the greeny gray brown background. :D

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