15 min play BOM and Block Lotto

I haven't had much time for sewing this month what with a holiday and the birth of our first grandson.

I am getting so far behind in the 15 mins play BOM. I have lots of made fabric so just need to construct the blocks now.

This is my progress so far. The checkerboard block is one of my own - not sure whether to include it in this quilt - will see when I get a few more blocks made.


I have also finished my Block Lotto blocks for this month. They are African Violets. I think they are gorgeous and would love to win this month although I haven't done anything with the clover blocks I won a few months ago.

At present my spare time is taken up with knitting peggy squares to make a blanket for my grandson.


Lovely fabrics you're working with. I'm a sucker for turquoise--very pretty, even if unfinished.
best, nadia

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