Water For Foto Finish


This weeks topic on Foto Finish is water. As we live by the coast and also have a holiday home in a coastal settlement I have many photos of water but have decided to go with something a little different.

This photo was taken last year on White Island which is an active volcano off the coast from Whakatane. Last year I took a group of women from Women In Action Taranaki for a trip to this island. Whakatane is about five hours drive from New Plymouth. On the day we were unable to reach the island by boat because of the conditions so after much discussion we all decided to spend the extra money and go out to the island by helicopter. What an experience - the scenery was fantastic - almost a moonscape.
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Kate said…
Looks like an interesting place. The rock on the left looks almost like a crock coming up out of the water. Cool shot!
I love the smooth textured look of the water! Nice shot!
Barbara said…
Very nice! What a wonderful adventure for your group!
Beautiful shot. How fun to ride in a helicopter.
quiltzyx said…
It's interesting how many colors are in the photo, even though, at first glance it seems almost monochromatic. Beautiful!

Thanks for sharing Maree!

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