NZ Native Wildlife For Foto Finish


The topic for Foto Finish this week is wildlife. This is a collage of a few of our native creatures. On the top row is the flightless Takahe and a Green Ghecko. On the bottom row is the Giant Weta and a Weka. All of these photos have been taken while I have been away on Women In Action trips.
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Thanks for sharing wildlife from your neck of the woods. I'm not so sure I'd want a bug crawling on my face - or any part of me for that matter. Nice photos!
Kate said…
Great photos. I really like the picture of the Green Ghecko. (Where do they get the names?) I with 501 QB, not sure I'd want a bug that big on my face!
Barbara said…
Interesting critters! Thanks for posting to Foto Finish.
Colleen said…
Loving everything but the bug on the head. I would like the bug better if it wasnt on the head LOL!
quiltzyx said…
Yikes! That is a giant critter crawling on the head! Love the birds & the gecko. Thanks for sharing your Foto Finish with us!

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