Giant Weta

This photo was taken earlier this year on a Women In Action trip to see the giant wetas at Mahoenui. Several of our members got the opportunity to let a weta crawl on their hands and face. I didn' get a chance to experience this as it was decided that the wetas were getting too stressed. They are in a special reserve of gorse and are quite difficult to find. In return for the conservation people coming o show around this reserve we spent an hour or more helping them clear tracks and cut back some of the ovegrowth.
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Barbara said…
Eeeewwwwww! I would have been the one getting stressed if this crawled on me. Great choice for this week's theme! Thanks for participating, Maree. Always glad to have you. Take care. I read your damdropping post too. My kids (all grown up now) would have loved this.
You've got to be kidding! No way! No bugs on me please.

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